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ThIs online course is the only resource you'll need to learn Saenchai's Signature Techniques. Inside the course are tactics that will help you outsmart your opponents.


You will learn Authentic Muay Thai techniques, High Fight-IQ Tactics, and discover Secret Training Methods 

Hello my friend, 

Saenchai here...

I really appreciate you being here because it means you are a lover of Muay Thai and that you are my fan. 

The fact that you're reading this right now means you're interested in or curious to know more about Muay Thai. 

That means a lot to me. The truth is that I want everybody around the world, all martial art enthusiasts to get to know real Muay Thai. 

I want the world to learn the foundations of Muay Thai along with its high level techniques. 

I will teach you Saenchai Style Muay Thai, as well as unique ring craftmenship and tactics few others know. 

If you want to learn my world class Muay Thai, then this is the right course for you.

Have more questions? Let's answer them below. 

You're currently facing one or more of these issues in your Muay Thai:

  • You have a lack of expert INFORMATION you fully trust
  • You lack the knowledge to IMPLEMENT and put together the techniques you already know
  • You don't know which techniques to PRIORTIZE based on effectiveness
  • You know the value of TACTICS but don't know which ones to pick and put togehter
  • You've hit a ceiling and need help taking things to the NEXT LEVEL

You have one or more of these goals but aren't hitting them:  

  • You're great on the bag or pads but can't translate it into your SPARRING or fighting
  • You want BETTER training methods
  • You want to increase the landing percentage of your strikes and be EFFECTIVE
  • You want to know the details of WHY my signature techniques work
  • You want to develop a WINNING mindset and overcome your fears  

Do You Identify with

Any of the Issues or Goals Above?

If so, you should keep reading. But let's make sure we relly clear this up.

Who This Course is For?

  • Muay Thai lovers who want to INCREASE FIGHT IQ by studying Thailand's authentic Muay Thai.
  • Martial artists who want to implement 20+ DETAILED TACTICS for make their striking techniques much more efficient and effective.
  • Saenchai fans who want to crave Saenchai's most HIGH PERCENTAGE strategies and tactics that have worked for 30 years at the top. 
  • Driven individuals who believe their knowledge is POWER and will take action to get result.

Who is This Course Not For?

  • Fighters who only want to charge forward and brawl [I love you guys because this is my favorite type of style to fight against, but my style won't work well for you] 
  • People who are looking to become great as quickly as possible [Hint: this mindset doesn't work... you have to put in the work]
  • Anyone who wants instant results just because they joined without taking real action and implement what I teach you. 

Let Me Show You the POWER of Technique Selection

So, can this course help you?  

Rather than tell you myself, I’m going to illustrate that in a bit below by sharing feedback from people who bought the course.  

But here’s what you need to understand about the my FIGHT HIGHLIGHTS. 

It is based on the MUAY THAI SYSTEM I’ve built, and NONE of it would be possible without learning and implementing these specific fighting tactics.  

And here’s one of my secrets: ALL of these tactics feed off each other but they have to be lerned in detail ONE at a time. 

There are a ton of courses and video tutorials out there...

Where most people fail is by getting overwhelmed and consuming TOO MUCH INFORMATION all at once. They lose focus and try everything they’ve ever heard of to try and break through and better their skills.  

As a coach I want you to know something... that DOESN’T WORK! 

What works?

Taking PROVEN techniques and tactics and learning them one at a time through multiple methods [partner drilling, sparring, shaowboxing, etc.)... EVEN IF it’s something you think you already know. 

I guarantee that there's details you missed in studying my fight videos, or when your coach is attempting to teach you my technique. 

Even if you have "learned" my techniques before... guess what? You should NEVER stop learning, and just because you learned it once doesn’t mean you can’t improve your understanding on the topic.

Once you fully understand something, your job is to TAKE ACTION and implement it immediately while it’s still warm in your mind.  

This is what separates 99% of martial artists from the rest. They actually DO the work and implement it all. 

The strategies I teach WILL work for you, but only if you believe they will and are willing to listen and put in the time to master them.

If fighting is a science [which I believe it is], understand that I have been testing these methods in the laboratory like a scientist for THREE DECADES.

I want to help you achieve your goals in Muay Thai, and that's why I've created a course that gives you access to my best "championship secrets" AKA my FIGHTING SCIENCE

But first, we need to talk about a couple "myths" that are out there.

Myth 1 - It Worked for Saenchai, But it Won't Work For Me Because... [Insert B.S]

If that thought has ever crossed your mind, then you are hurting yourself with some pretty bad BS [belief system].  

You see… with that type of mindset you are SABOTAGING yourself and not even giving yourself a chance to succeed.  

Mindset is key in fighting and in life. You truly have to love Muay Thai to become great, and the reality is things take TIME…  

When something doesn’t work it doesn’t mean it’s broken — it means you need to drill and practice them until it does. Knowing what works is a HUGE shortcut.

The strategies I teach WILL work for you, but only if you believe they will and are willing to put in the time and truly hone in on the details.

I know one thing for sure, and that is that nothing beats EXPERIENCE.  

My 30 years of fighting with so few injuries proves that my methods are proven.  

Accessing my proven methods will speed up your progress, because rather than learning through trial and error, you can learn from my experience.  

Myth 2 - More Techniques in a Course is Better  

This is simply not true. You'd think that the volume of techniques a course has is what makes it good.

The truth is what matters most is WHAT techniques are shown and HOW MUCH it is drilled by the student.

In Thailand, you see top fighters drilling the same techniques over and over again. 

It almost LOOKS too simple. I assure you it is not.

It took decades of FILTERING to know what to drill and how to train.  

Many of the techniques and tactics I teach you will not be easy to learn. 

But they are BETTER techniques and have more much more important DETAILS than you'd find in other courses.

Please pay attention to this key concept… 

Training is an consistent investment. You have to make small deposits over a long period of time. 

The reality is that most people OVER-COMPLICATE their investment with too many techniques and tactics. 

The point is to implement the techniques that you CAN use right away, and then keep investing time into it.  

THEN, once you have those techniques systematically mastered, you can expand the arsenal.

In my "championship secrets" course, you will learn the system that makes up my SIGNATURE TECHNIQUES. 

How Do You Know For Sure My Strategies work?  

After fighting for THREE DECADES, I've fought many opponents all around the world. I've shown my moves to tens of thousands of people through seminars on every continent, but I've never had the opportunity to TEACH IN-DEPTH how to pull of my signature moves and how to use them in the ring. 

Everyone has their own theories on the most effective training methods, but I want to show you the methods that I've used throughout my career that have won me FIVE Lumpinee Stadium belts and countless world championship titles and awards.

Here are Some of my Accomplishments:

2008 Sports Writers of Thailand Fighter of the Year 1999 Sports Writers of Thailand Fighter of the Year  

Muay Thai: 5 Lumpinee Belts Across 4 Divisions  

Lumpinee Stadium Lightweight Champion Lumpinee Stadium Super featherweight Champion Lumpinee Stadium Bantamweight Champion Lumpinee Stadium Super Flyweight Champion  

2018 Thai Fight World Champion 2013 Toyota Vigo Marathon Tournament 2012 Muay Thai Warriors Welterweight (65 kg) champion 2012 W.P.M.F. Interim World Welterweight champion (147 lbs) 2011 WBC Diamond World Champion 2010 WMC World Lightweight (135 lbs / 61 kg) champion 2010 Lumpinee Stadium Lightweight (135 lbs / 61 kg) champion 2010 Toyota Cup tournament champion 2010 MTAA World Lightweight champion  

Professional Boxing: 2003 PABA Featherweight interim champion

Saenchai's Championship Secrets Course: 

My 20-Module Video Course for Dominating your Opponent 

My Promise: 

By drilling and studying the techniques shown in my video course, you will have a new and more profound understanding of Muay Thai. 

The BEST part? You don't need to be super talented or strong to make these techniques work.

The people that do the best are those that actually DO the work. 

Don't OVERTHINK the process and just take the small steps everyday by drilling, let me do the thinking for you with my experience.

If you already consider yourself high in fight IQ, keep an open mind and follow the details.

These tactics are the path to breaking through and getting great results.

So—what's inside the Saenchai's Championship Secrets?

Well, I can't possibly fit everything on this page, but let me share a few concepts of what I'll be covering.


High-Level Concepts

Training Philosophy: Most people have their training methodlogy backwards. By choosing the right training modality, it will make everything 10,000 TIMES more valuable and effective.

Footwork: Most coaches just advise you to move one way. This is wrong. You can move BOTH ways, but you need to know how.

Secret To Evasion: There's a reason why I can hit and not get hit. You MUST be able to hit effectively after you dodge a strike, which is something most people miss. 

Build Momentum: It's very important to tap into the PSYCHOLOGY of fighting. It's not just about technique—you need strategy and mindset to help you build advantages.

Don't Take My Word for It.. Hear What People Who Brought the Course Have to Say

George Hutsell: "Saenchai’s videos and tutorials have been excellent and have really shortened my learning curve. Can’t wait to hit the bag or go to class and spar after viewing a Saenchai video."

Anthony Magallan: "This whole course was AWESOME. The notes you provided to summarize the whole course in the beggining really helped. I’m looking forward to more!"

Gregorio Posada: "Definitely listen the MASTER move and talk is a true treat! In the future I will keep buying anything that comes from him. It is a true honor to be part of his growth and what he's doing for Muay Thai." 

Robert Storm: ""As someone new to Muay Thai I was thrilled to find this great product by legend fighter Saenchai. Wonderful and clear instruction in Muay Thai from a passionate ambassador for Muay Thai that wants to share his hard-earned insight with the world."

Santiago Najera: "Just want to say that I love Saenchai instructional series been training some of it and using it for sparring its working great. I’m still learning but it’s showing me a whole new respect for Muay Thai! Thank you Saenchai."

Raymond Koh: I started learning Muay Thai around one month ago and I find that “Saenchai’s Championship Secrets” is highly beneficial to my training. Despite watching some of the videos more than 3 times, I’m still able to learn something out of them. I hope there will a part 2 series in future.

Conor Farley: "5 Stars! Absolutely loved everything about it. Great product!"

Anthony Cullors: "I enjoyed the class very much. I learned so much and I plan on implementing these new techniques."  

Richard Brown: Loved it! Very informative and easy too follow. An ambassador too the sport and great sportsman. Thank you 

In Celebration of Thanksgiving...

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Price: $197 $97


In the last few years, I've met a lot of my fans all over the world. I'm grateful for all the support and encouragement from over the years, but there's no way that I can physically meet everyone. 

This is my way of giving back to the Muay Thai community. I want to bring you guys high-quality content and production. In order to spread the word and grow Muay Thai around the world, your support this project is essential.  

By ordering, you will help me put together a team and make my dreams of spreading Muay Thai come true. We will create bigger and better projects to spread Muay Thai because of YOU. 

With your support, I will keep making valuable content to allow people to understand and learn Saenchai Muay Thai. 

Muay Thai is my life, it has given me everything I have, and I want to share it with the world.

I really look forward to working with you and watching you grow your skills in Muay Thai. 

All you have to do is follow the concepts in my 20-video course which has been proven throughout my 30 years in fighting.

The choice is yours. Do you truly want this? And When?



Bonus Content - Exclusive 20 minute interview with Saenchai

In this interview Saenchai will detailing his career, mindset, and fight strategies. 

This is incredibly valuable bonus that is not available anywhere on the internet.

In fact there are little to no interviews of Saenchai on the internet. 

It's very difficult to tap into the mind of a true champion.

You'll be able to receive this bonus by enrolling in the course.





You can join Saenchai by making a choice.


Celebrity Testimonial

Joe Rogan: UFC Commentator, Brazilian Jiujitsu Black Belt, Taekwondo Champion

"Saenchai is one of the greatest combat sport athletes ever. He fights every couple of weeks. I follow him on Instagram, he's 37 years old, he fights people way bigger than him all the time, and although he knocks a lot of people out, most of his fights, are won by him just doing shit to the opponent that they just can't deal with. He just kicks the hell of out them, he hits them when they're not looking, they don't know what he's doing, he's so clever and fast, I mean, he's just a wizard, a real technical wizard inside the ring."

"When you watch him, you realized, 'Oh, there's levels even to this thing.' He's such a high level specialist, that if anyone outside of that, if Floyd Mayweather wanted to fight Saenchai, and he let Saenchai kick him, it would be one of the most lopsided fights you've ever seen. It'd be horrific to watch. Saenchai could probably do it to McGregor too. There's just levels and levels to this. What McGregor encountered with Floyd Mayweather in boxing, he'd encounter with Saenchai."